We finally have a solution to failing BMW throttle actuators!

Nicolas Lebeau Cossette
May 6th 2018 7680 vues

This is the only permanent fix to the throttle actuator problem, and it is available in Canada exclusively from us.

Due to a design flaw, the throttle actuator gears wear prematurely and causes overload on the internal electronics. This is a common failure with the S85 and S65 engines on the BMW's Models: E90 / E92 / E93 M3 and E60 / E63 / E64 M5 / M6 

Common symptoms is the car going into limp mode, fault code 2B15 (throttle bank 1) and 2B16 (Throttle bank 2). This can include DSC, and start assistant failure. This is a common problem on bmw cars. We provide a bmw throttle actuator repair, this will solve symptoms with reduces power and start assistant failure for M3 M5 and M6 BMW's. If you read the cars fault code and see 2B15 or 2B16 its is most likely worn gears or a faulty circuit board in the actuators.

The replacement gears we use have a lifetime warranty and they are self lubricating and designed to out live the car. The plastics we use are second to none. Our replacement gears are better then the original equipment fitted in the cars.

Electronic Components failure is also common, when you have worn actuator gears, the Mosfets have to work hard, causing them to over heat, this results in the components failing. its important that buyers are aware that when purchasing the gear kits, its strongly recommended that a full rebuild by us is carried out as kits do not always fix the problem.

To know more:

M3 V8 (S65)

M5 et M6 V10 (S85)

We finally have a solution to failing BMW throttle actuators!

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