CAD $ 13.99 Euro-Tech Film

Euro-Tech Film #SE4024


Euro-Tech Film offers long lasting protection with corrosion and rust inhibitors. It penetrates the surface and offers a strong, durable, and lasting barrier. Its non-drip formula will not evaporate, will not dry, and is not water soluble. Repels water, displaces moisture and resists washout.

Euro-Tech Film penetrates through rust reducing further damage. The lubrification barrier and inhibitors coat metal surface keeping moisture and oxygen out and protects against the damaging effects of salt, acid and other harmful chemicals.

Euro-Tech Film is silicone free and solvent free. Euro-Tech Film will not harm plastic, painted surfaces, or synthetic rubber materials.



Apply to either dry or wet surfaces.

MFG Part # : SE4024
Price : CAD $ 13.99

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